Friday, March 21, 2003

My audition for grad school is tomorrow. I'm not nervous yet, but I will be terribly so when I wake up tomorrow. 3:00 everyone throw a prayer (hopefully) or at least a happy thought my direction...

I have a new accompanist for my recital. Mine still didn't know my music, so I decided that I'm enough of a wreck myself without adding the pain of worrying whether my accompanist is ever going to get it. We parted company on good terms though. She's coming to my recital, and I'm going to hers. My new accompanist is charging reasonably atrocious rates for picking him up 5 days from my recital. I like working with him much better.

I'm going to a movie tonight. To get my mind off of all the upcoming. I've memorized my two songs for the I can rest in piece. Tomorrow I'll get up, get a new hair cut, decide what to wear for the auditions, scream a little (that's warming up for the non-singing people) and then go. Turns out I'm singing in Jones Concert Hall (the big one) and not Meadows (a lecture hall really) like I'd thought. I've got to remember that my voice will carry better if I don't try to make it sound big...again, happy thoughts would be appreciated.

I'm bidding on my recital jewelry online, and some horrible lady has outbid me. I'm going to a movie and don't have time to watch it...maybe my parents would obblige me!