Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Lost arms and lost arms in the sand lying

The living carrying arms or their arms or their legs

For the rest of the poem, head over the Elfin Ethicist.

Yesterday was my blog's 2nd Birthday. Rousing chorus anyone?
Ohhhhhhhh we've got trouble!

We cocktail waitresses are in deep trouble. Apparently management doesn't want to hear us complain about the girl who doesn't do her job anymore. If they'd have fired her the last time they caught her with four to-go-boxes of food we wouldn't be upset. But firing people is unreasonably hard here. The alisal would rather keep on a deadbeat employee than risk a lawsuit. Their lawyer settles every time. We're going to have a meeting to discuss our bad attitudes. I don't think I have a bad attitude. I'm willing to work hard, I'm just not willing to work for two every shift. They know its happening. This is not a case of the squeaky wheel and the grease. The squeaky wheel got told to shove it.

A few more months...that's all I have to last...

Compassion Sponsers just got word that Haiti is flooding badly and two children in the Compassion program have died. They will be informing those sponsers "shortly." My child lives in Haiti...please pray that she's alright. I got a letter from her today, but it was from around Easter.