Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Now for something completely different

Well, the wedding is over, and now I'm packing and shopping, and planning to leave.  The tour's tentative itenerary has been published, and I will be putting it online soon.    For my Texan friends out there, it looks like I'll be in the D/FW metroplex from September 1-19.  For my California relatives, I'll be in Southern California from October 20th through November 1st.

I have so much to do!  More stories from the wedding and the madness that is packing later.

You know what worries me most about the tour?  Reading the emails from my other actors.  They are all so devoted to reaching people for Christ through the ministry.  Not that I don't realise that is the whole point, and all.  But I'm not on fire like that.  I think Christian Drama can be a lot like anything else in the Christian Pop Culture -- cliched and poorly written.  And completely moot unless our lives reflect the story we're telling anyway.  In my opinion, the best thing about the drama we're doing this time is the lack of sermon or altar call.  Am I too jaded about Christian culture and performers to do this?

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