Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I'm back

The Wedding was beautiful.  After much weeping, wailing, and stuffing of baby's breath into things.  Anything that would hold still long enough to stuff it.  My mother was still making bows for the swags at the rehearsal, and would have been perfecting the topiaries on her way down the isle if we had let her.

The party was the best party ever.  The only glitch was the no-show of the dj.  But Andrea had the guy at the church stick around, we called him, and between me, my cousin, and Jason's sister, we rounded up all the cd's with her special music on it for the first three dances.  After all the wedding stuff was over, the real party began.

The real party was my side of the family and various friends that had assisted with the decorating, set up, and airport runs for the past week.  We broke out the champagne, told the DJ to play real music, and had a blast until 12:30.  Then the last four of us (Grant, Michelle, Jeff and myself) found two poor neglected leftover bottles of champagne.  We couldn't just leave them there.  So we found homes for them at the after party.  In the back room of my parents house we watched Monsters Inc.  Grant insisted we get to the 2nd bottle so he could pop the cork. 

The next day Grant had to leave, so after I ran to the airport and back with one of the guests, we all went to the beach, and ate lunch at a Thai restaurant on state street.  Grant left that evening.  Then there were three.

That night we three rented Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (not my favorite Lindsay Lohan film, I've decided).  The next morning we three took my little sister and cousin Nick miniature golfing on the way to LAX.  Mom and Dad met us there to take the kids back, and Michelle and I took Jeff south.  Afterwards we spent the afternoon on Hollywood Boulevard doing tourist stuff and screaming along to Ace of Base, which was in my sister's CD case. 

Then Michelle had to fly home the next morning, and I had to work, so the party ended.  But it was great, and we all have plans to meet the day after thanksgiving for the after after AFTER party.

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