Saturday, January 28, 2006

Adventures in doing nothing, and how much I suck at it

Adventures in doing nothing, and how much I suck at it.

I did very well yesterday in the bed rest department. After teaching the two of my classes that didn't get cancelled, I went to the library, checked out half a dozen books, and came home. I read Orson Scott Card's Sarah yesterday in between naps, meandered into our common living room, and talked to Nancy for a while before downing my first sleeping pill.

Last night I slept from 12-6, 7-9, and had a nap after breakfast this morning from 11-1. I count that as an accomplishment, even if I did wake up once.

Today I went to Bible Study at 2, stopping at Metal Pro's house on the way to drop off a mic for his latest Metal Cobras of Death adventure. Denise and I read 10 chapters of Numbers today, and will be very glad to get out of the Pentateuch and onto the action adventure stuff. We feel we have a very good handle on sacrifices, less of a handle on levitical law, and no understanding of the juxtaposition of the moodiness-o-God vs. the whining of the Hebrews in Numbers. Of course, when you spread it out over 40 years it makes more sense than the editing process that makes events happen right on top of each other. Good that editing has finally entered into the picture. Moses was a redundant writer, and if someone had mentioned to him along the way that it would be perfectly within the realm of reason to combine what God said, Moses relating it, and the Israelites actually doing it into a single narration, the Bible would be a short novella. But the timeline is hard to follow post Red Sea.

Then I went to the branch library, hoping to use the last of my energy to find a couple more scholarships to research. I looked through an entire book of scholarships and found 4 for my trouble. If only I was a minority, or a high school senior, or had a legally disabled parent, I could get all the money I need. If I were all three I'd never had to work again. I could just stay in school indefinately. But as a post undergraduate, non-disadvantaged, and childless non-minority under the age of thirty five, I'm going to have to keep looking. And write a lot of essays.

Then I came home with an oven pizza, made that, and threw together some green been cassarole and fudge brownies while I waited for dinner. I'm going to take a nap after I print out a few application to put in the appropriate section of my file cabinet.

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