Saturday, September 08, 2007



Just to do a bit of shameless self promotion...

The 1-7 Harry Potter Boxed set, the reason I haven't bought any of the Harry Potter books so far, except paperbacks, secondhand at Goodwill, will become available on September 11 in the UK, and October 16th for the US version.

My birthday is coming up.

In three months.

All I want is the Harry Potter boxed set, preferably the UK version so I don't have to grumble my way through the boot/trunk, jumper/sweater, bogie/booger conversions. Put your heads together, join forces, do it anonymously if you feel you simply cannot give more money to the thing eroding the very foundations of our society....

Harry Potter, boxed set, 1-7.

Actually, though, the US version does come in a lovely little carrying case that is kind of nice, and would look good next to my Lewis box sets, but the UK adult version, with its sci-fi cover, would look well next to my LOTR box sets.

Think about it.

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