Thursday, April 21, 2005

Copeland in Concert

House of Blues

Yesterday we drove to Anaheim to see four bands in concert at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. Lovedrug and Copeland were playing with Acceptance and Eager Seas. Eager Seas opened. They're new. They stood up at the end of their set and said, "Our stuff is out there with the rest of them. We're new. We're poor."

Lovedrug was second. I really liked them. A lot. They looked smart -- all in jeans, brown dress shirts and ties. Even their movements were coordinated (but not choreographed), and the lead singer switched back from guitar to keyboard. They played a lot of songs I knew from listening to CD's while co-piloting -- even my two favorites.

Acceptance was good too. I'd like to get their CD. And find out if they are a Christian band or not. Aaron thinks that all four might have been, but only one was definite. But with a name like Acceptance, and lyrics like "you took the fall" it kind of sounded like it. Adam asked, "Was he singing about God or a girl." The question I ask about a LOT of praise and worship music. But that's another rant for another time. One audience member tried to crowd surf, but the bouncers got him right away. A guy from the band who appeared to have no purpose but sit with a laptop also surfed. He made it a little farther into the audience.

And finally Copeland. They were good. I thought I knew their songs better than that, but I didn't. They played the "fireflies in a jar" song, which I sang the line I knew with them. The crowd sang along the whole concert. I could see other people like me taking videos and pictures with their cameraphones. They didn't move as much as the other three bands, but I enjoyed watching it. Lovedrug was my favorite all night.

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