Saturday, December 20, 2003

Good morning everyone!

The headache that was plaguing me all day yesterday is gone, and the day looks brighter...except for the cloudcover outside.

It is so difficult to get into the Christmas Spirit when one has all of this working to do.

Things that Dampen the Season...

1. Elevator Christmas Music. Both Jobs.

2.Christmas parties. Drunk people that get riled up and won't go home.

3. Cats that pull down the lights in the window. And again once you've just put them back up.

4. Ditto the aforementioned cats pulling down ornaments, garland, lace, and chewing on the sides of all the packages.

5. Did I mention that all bows are looking the worse for wear?

6. Too little sleep.

7. Too little eggnog!

Things wonderful about the Season!

1. The obvious and ensuing birthday celebrations. (No, not mine)

2. Godiva and Hot Chocolate!

3. My first Christmas tree on my own. Sort of. Drea's here too.

3.Eggnog. The real stuff.

4. The Muppets Christmas Album. Which I don't actually have, but can sing from beginning to end (except for the one about the Christmas Tree). Including all 12 days of Christmas.....FIVE GOOOOOOLD RINGS.....(ba dum bum bum)

5. Ditto The Mannheim Steamrollers Christmas CDs, Barbra Streisand, and the Oakridge Boys.

6. And the Beach Boys.

7. The Final Lord of the Rings is out in theaters. Not particularly Christmas-ey but still a reason to Celebrate!

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