Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I survived. Survived what did you ask? I survived the bloody day from Hades. And then yesterday I slept in far too late, went to Oxnard to pick up my sister's wedding veil and slip, then to buy her shoes for the blessed event. THEN we came home and I watched far too much TV without any sewing to justify the waste of time. I miss the days when I had no TV. I was so much more productive. It's far too easy when I get off work and am tired to just plunk down and watch TV. Although, I used to spend a lot of non-tv time playing around on the computer. Today I woke up late again (because I was up until 1 watching tv), but did get in both devotions and breakfast before work. I do feel good about that. Tonight I'm going to work on my quilt. I'm only about 10 hexagons away from being able to put the whole thing together. Then I'm going to put on the batting and the backing, baste them together, and put it away for a while until I have the time and space to hand quilt it. I think my priority for the next months is going to be between learning new repertoire for auditions, and making Drea's bridesmaid dresses. We'll see how that goes.

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