Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Has anyone ever watched the old black and white "Diary of Anne Frank?" It's a wonderful movie! I'd never seen it before -- but I'm sewing, and I need something to listen to, not read (a little hard with both hands occupied). The girl who plays Anne is very convincing. I really like her characterization -- the whole cast is strong. The only one I have problems with is the Dentist -- Mr. Dussel? He is played by the actor that played the buffoon in so many Disney movies. He was the toymaker in "Babes in Toyland" and the man who floated on the ceiling in "Mary Poppins." I just have trouble taking him seriously as I picture him bobbing about and laughing. I suppose every actor has a right to break out of a steriotype -- he's still playing the bumbling idiot, and that's pretty close. Anyway -- part two is rewound now. Time to go watch her have her first kiss, her first love, and then off to the tragic ending. Where's my kleenex?

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