Monday, August 26, 2002

It has been the worst day. Amazingly I'm not that stressed out (I was for a bout a half hour when my dad called and implied the my car dying was somehow my fault since every time I touch a car somehting goes wrong with it). I'm starting to learn that in situations like this being stressed out just makes your day that much worse -- may as well sit back and enjoy the holiday. Here's the story. Baylor's website has been down all weekend, which leaves the majority of the campus in the dark as to what classes they actually signed up for 5 months ago. I sure didn't know. So this morning I fought with the system for an hour -- ultimatly making to the sign on page, clicking on the "class schedules" button, only to get told that the server was down. No kidding. (But then how DID I get to that sign on in the first place). So I hunkered down to relish the fact that I was missing the first day of class -- and I could blame it on Baylor HAHAHAHA. So I was good. I cleaned my apartment. I picked it all up. Then I pulled out the vacuum and found - ta da - a "Fall Schedule of Classes" booklet that had gotten buried in my closet. So having only missed one class -- I now had the key in my hands to the rest of them. I got out my new notebook, wrote out my schedule, (finished vacuuming) and went to my car, only to find out that ..... my car woudln't start. So I called my dad. (Hence the above comment). I called the Ford dealership, then got a phone call, in the middle of which my cell phone goes dead. For those of you who don't know, I opted to stick with a cell phone, and not get a land line because I'd be paying 40 a month for the use of an answering maching given how much time I actually spend at home. So, now I'm stuck with a dead car and a dead phone. I can't find my plug in charger because its been lost in the move. My other charger is, of course, in the car that won't start. Luckily I remembered that I had last minute stashed misc. stuff in my backpack -- and it was there....the one bright spot. AAA came and jump started my car, my cell phone charged, Dad called back and wasn't blaming me for the problem anymore, and for the good news, all I needed was a new battery. On the downside, I just missed the first day of all my classes. Oh well. By the way -- that convenient "shop while you wait" policy that Walmart's automotive department is great for them. With nothing to do for an hour and a half I ended up buying way too much stuff. 3 cannisters of bath salts...why? 5 pairs of earrings ... again -- why? (actually they're very pretty -- and I've lost the majority of my earrings to date). And a puzzle. Impulse buying leaves you with a ton of strange stuff. Anyway -- now I'm making pillow shams since they didn't have any at walmart, and I have some extra lace and bleached muslin lying about. Later!

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